Hungry and heading home or already home? Not in the mood to eat in a restaurant? Unsure of what you want to eat? We faced similar questions too until friends suggested we try food truck cuisine. We did and were hooked on the food and culture. However, when we searched online to try other food trucks, we found poorly designed websites offering boring and outdated information. We spent the next few months researching the food truck industry in El Paso, Texas. We interviewed dozens of owners and customers around the city. We harnessed the information into developing and designing desktop and mobile websites exclusively to promote food truck culture. We launched Food Truck Gallery to be the premier website showcasing food trucks in and around the city. It features a listing of food trucks in a virtual community celebrating chefs, cuisines, and customers. We also integrated professional animations, descriptions, digital film clips, graphic designs, photographs, and daily updates to engage and entertain users while they explore food truck choices. Upon entering, the first section introduces the web series StreatsTV, a collection of short films produced to promote individual food truck owners, their inspirations, and signature dishes. The second part of the website is Hot Trucks, where top food trucks get extra exposure in a profile tile displaying photos of their popular dishes and current announcement such as menu specials. We also included Talko Bites, a fun section spotlighting the food truck culture’s most essential group, its followers. Our film crew will visit food trucks sites throughout the city to film customers’ comments and testimonials about their favorites foods and trucks, then post it to the website. The last section of contains two listing options to view the food trucks; one lists contains trucks displayed alphabetically and the other one categorizes by cuisine. Both listings provide the trucks’ hours of operation, locations, menus, photos, and social media links. Explore our website. Eat at El Paso area food trucks. Enjoy the cuisine and culture. For further information regarding FTG membership options or other related queries, email us at or call (915) 300-3585. Thank you.

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